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Date: 3/10/2001
From: Melissa Bushnick
Subject: I was intrigued by your story

Hello Bryce and parents! My name is Melissa, and while researching

non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for my freshman Biology research paper, I came across

your web site. I was intrigued by your story, and just wanted to say "hi".

The circumstances that Bryce has had to endure is fascinating, and I included

some of his story in my report. I think that his strength and courage at

such a young age is amazing, and his story and the pictures of him are really

touching. I'm so happy that his health seems to have improved, and that his

survival rate is so high. My grandmother as well as my mom's friend has had

lymphoma, my grandmother actually passed away from it, so it was very

inspiring to hear Bryce's story. So thank you for your web site, it was

something I'm happy I had the privilege to read. I wish Bryce and the rest

of your family good health.


Melissa Bushnick, age 15
Date: 3/9/2001
From: Sandy
Subject: Just wanted to say I am partial to bald men

I ran across your web page doing some research on Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Just wanted to say I am partial to bald men. My husband is bald now and you both look so handsome that way. He also has non-hodgins lymphoma. His was an abdominal mass that was very large. He is on his 5th of 8 chemo treatments. He also has a port in his chest. His mass cannot be surgically removed. The chemotherapy is working and now the doctor can barely feel it!!
Just wanted to say Keep Smiling. I know this is a tough thing to go through but you will make it, and God will use your experience, no doubt, to help others. Liked your web page.
God Bless,
Date: 2/28/2001
From: Eric and Mom
Subject: I have never wrote to a stranger before

I have never wrote to a stranger before on e-mail ,but i have been pretty desperate seeing if any others children like my son and his age (4) have nhl it is a trying time in this point of byrans life plus mom and dad . Well our family is just getting into the start of things here and reading your notes has really helped me (mom) iI am more frightened than my 4 year old. But just wanted to thanks for sharing sure made me feel better.
Thank you
Eric and Mom
Date: 2/23/2001
Subject: I think I may have what you
Dear Bryce,

I think I may have what you have. I noticed a bump in my neck by my collarbone a few weeks ago and it has gotten larger since. I went to my doctor right away and he said he was 90% sure it is Lymphoma. A week later I seen a specialist, and he said he doesn't know what it is until he takes it out, in which I would have a biopsy and he scheduled it for March 13th 2001. Ever since I found out I have been researching it, and I came across your story and it was very touching. I am not scared anymore because if you can go through this than I can do it too. You truly are an inspiration to me, thank you to you and your parents for putting your story online. I am 16 and my name is Wendy. Hope we can keep in touch, I will e-mail you back after my biopsy to let you know what it is.
Date: 2/23/2001
From: Julie Nishimura, M.D.
Subject: Thank you very much for the information

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Arenson,
Thank you very much for the information!
Tomorrow's conference will be mediated by Dr. Joseph Demer, Dr. Sherwin Isenberg, and Dr. Arthur Rosenbaum (all pediatric ophthalmologists from UCLA). It will be attended by ophthalmologists from Harbor UCLA, Martin Luther King Hospital, and Jules Stein (usually about 20 people all together). Bryce will be 1 of 5 children who will be presented (only one child with parent(s) in the room at a time). The cases will all be difficult cases (like Bryce's) that everyone can benefit from learning about.
Thank you again for coming!
Julie Nishimura, M.D.
Date: 2/22/2001
Subject: My name is Debbie. I live in Sydney, Australia
Location: Sydney, Australia

Dear Bryce,

My name is Debbie. I live in Sydney, Australia. Actually I live just outside Sydney in a beautiful place called the Blue Mountains. They are called the Blue Mountains because from Sydney the mountains look blue.

I was going through this internet site because a friends little boy has a lump in his neck and he is having some blood tests. I was looking up some information for her. I hope he is not sick.

I looked at hour photos and read your story about your family and I thought to myself, 'now here is a little boy who is very brave and loving'. I really justed wanted to send you some good wishes.

I have two girls. Emma is 9 and Grace is 6.

I really hope you get better soon Bryce and I will think of you in my prayers.

Take care honey.

Warmest regards,

Date: 2/20/2001
From: ashley orozco
Subject: My mommy took care of you
Location: Miami

hi bryce, this is ashley. remember me? my mommy took care of you and brooke when you came to miami. remember we were jumping on the bed and we ate pizza? don't tell your mommy because she's not supposed to know we were jumping. how are you feeling? i hope that you get better very soon. what toys do you like? do you like star wars? we went to see it. it was pretty cool. my favorite is queen amadali. who is your favorite? are you going to see the tarzan movie? i will pray every night so you can get better. i have to go now because it's time to sleep. i will write you again later. i have mommy and daddy help me write you and they both send their love and prayers also.

your friend,

ashley orozco :)

say hi to brooke from me and my sister monica.
Date: 2/20/2001
From: Dr. Louie
Subject: Your Uncle Milt sent a lot of people a message

your uncle milt sent a lot of people a message last night telling us all
that you had a fun day with your parents. It was pretty neat that it was
fathers day too. His message has made all of us happy and will make our
Monday a lot brighter. It doesn't surprise me that you are as tough as
Uncle Milt says you are because I remember when you were first born, you
came to vist your grandparents (and me!) in pittsburgh. We found out
that you had a little stomach problem and you had to have a small
surgery to fix it. You were a great patient then and we all knew you
were special.
It won't be long and all the tests and treatments will be over and
we can start a web page on your sporting career. I think you would make
a great wrestler, thats as long as mommy says your allowed. when you
come to Pittsburgh to visit I can show you a couple moves that I used
against your Uncle. He never figured them out!!
Have a great day Bryce I know mine will be a lot better.

Dr. Louie
Date: 2/20/2001
From: Michelle Gowen
Subject: What a story! I know how you all are feeling somewhat anyway

What a story! I know how you all are feeling somewhat anyway. My daughter was diagnosed just last year with ALL. She had many wonderful months after that. She was 12 and I know had we not traveled that road I would never have known her like I got to. Even though the treatments can be terrible we always managed to have fun. She would bet her nurses what her platelets would be. Some times she won and they would have to pay her off. All of the gifts and toys to her became over whelming, and after awhile I made sure she always had money, while in the hospital she spent alot of it in the vending machines. She was on prednisone ALOT.
And putting money into a machine is always fun for a kid. You know how they always have to get bubble gum out of a machine, then spit it out minutes later?
I am also glad you all are putting your story on the web and starting it from the beginning. We started our web page quite awhile after diagnosis. I don't mean to ramble, and as many people have told us, I feel like we are old friends since reading your page. Does your support network, include any family in the area?
They can sometimes be a help. We have no family here in Virginia with us, but friends came out of the wood work to support us and just listen to us.
Just have as much fun as you can !!!!
Love Michelle Gowen---- Doris' Mom
Date: 2/20/2001
From: Victoria
Subject: Blessings to you and may your journey touch many lives

My name is Victoria, I'm the mother of a 7 year old boy who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on Jan. 15, 1999. We were told that day that in the cancer lottery, we had just won. It wasn't until we'd experienced the past 6 months that we've truly believed that. Travis (that's my son) was given his "buddy" (port-a-cath) two days after his diagnosis. He then went through 28 days of intensive chemo -- induction, followed by 25 weeks of consolidation where he spent 3-4 days every third week in the hospital receiving chemo. We've just finished with the consolidation phase and are beginning maintenance. All this to say, although Leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma are different, we understand what you are facing. It's scary ... real scary at times. But you'll do great! I hope that you will find as we did, that although this isn't something that you'd choose for your child to endure, the blessings that come with it are unimaginable. And as awful as this sounds this cancer journey has given us some tremendous gifts. We've been blessed by the support of our community, friends across the country and new friends that feel more like family than family.

I'm a true believer in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason. Lessons to learn or lessons to teach. You'll all be in my prayers as you travel this path. My only advice: Grasp every blessing that comes along ... there will be many, that's what will give you your strength. I wish I had the ability to tell you why this has happened to your family. I know that's a question we all have. But we (parents of childhood cancer survivors) are a special group. And we're blessed with the special gift of these brave, remarkable heroes that are the survivors. Blessings to you and may your journey touch many lives.
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