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Nathan S. Arenson Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Benefits the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and the work of Dr. Olivera Finn Ph.D. Dr. Finn, Director of UPCI’s Immunology Program has developed a program which tests a new vaccine that may prove to be an effective treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Finn has been a member of UPCI’s cancer research team since 1985 and was granted clinical approval for the vaccine program in August of 1998. The vaccine was funded by the Nathan S. Arenson Fund.

More importantly, patients who have been newly diagnosed with the disease are receiving this vaccine. In addition, patients receiving the vaccine have not received any other treatment that might weaken their immune system. The desired outcome is that the cancer will stop spreading and the vaccine will significantly prolong their lives. The trial is expected to recruit 20 patients at $10,000 per patient which the Nathan S. Arenson Fund sponsors.

Donations may be made online to: Arenson Fund/UPCI

Donations may be mailed to: Dr. Olivera Finn
UPCI - Molecular Genetics
Bio Medical Science Center
W-1142 School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA 15261